New Qualifications For Our Amateur Events

Effictive as of July 17, 2017

We are going to be using the players Fargo Rate to determine their status in our amateur events.
After careful consideration we have decided to cap where a player will be no longer eligible to play our amateur events.
Any player over 725 fargo rating will be ineligible to compete in our amateur events. 

Players who have a Fargo Rate of 700-725 must give up two games.
Players who have a Fargo Rate of 670-699 must give up one game.

*women/juniors who have a Fargo Rate of 575-640
plays even with the field* 
women/juniors who have a Fargo Rate higher than 640 are ineligible to compete in our amateur events.

Any players coming into the tour without at least 200 games ROBUSTNESS fargo rate OR A KNOWN PLAYER will be playing at the Tournament Directors discretion.